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General Information


We have many upcoming and on-going events coming up! Because we are using Zoom, Google, and other platforms, be sure you are set up to actively participate.


An ongoing event is Meet n Greet- which is like Speed Dating but it's online. Meet n Greet involves a large group of singles introducing themselves to one another with the aim of getting acquainted for possible courtship. One set  stay seated on one side, while the other side moves down the line until everyone has met. They can come up with their own questions or questions will be provided.

Be sure to get your own Zoom account by downloading and installing Zoom on your computer or cellphone for future events. Go to Be sure to test it out with someone to make sure your audio and visual are in good working condition. If you don’t have audio or a camera on your computer, you should be able to purchase one at Best Buy or a store that sells electronics for a minimal cost.  When you buy it, always test it to make sure it’s properly installed. 


  • If you use: Windows 7 or later - please use Chrome 58 or later, Firefox 56 or later, Opera 45 or later

  • If you use: macOS 10 or later -  please use Chrome 58 or later, Safari 11 or later, Firefox 56 or later, Opera 45 or later

  • If you use:  Android 4.1 or later -  please use Chrome 58 or later

  • If you use:  iOS 11 or later -  please use Safari 11 or later


For tech help during the event, call the hotline @ 773-413-0114.


Want others to get to know you? Then complete the Singles Personal Profile and upload your photo. This allows others to get to know you as well as get to know your compatibility factors in a helpmeet.  Click Here. Of course you must be in good-standing and registered to access the site.



The Virtual Meet n Greet will allow you to meet many Brothers and Sisters. It's not open for those who are currently in courtship. Registration fee is $5.


We are also working on private break-out rooms for those who wish to be introduced and want to get better acquainted prior to, or during courtship.


We recommend business/casual. 

Stay away from white Ts, muscle shirts, or tight fitting clothing (men or women).

Always present yourself in the best manner.

Be Modest, Be Comfortable, be Stylish!



Be aware of your environment and make sure you are in a quiet location where you can have privacy. You will want your Brothers and Sisters to get the most positive impression of you;  so be sure that your presentation reflects favorably on you. For example, it would not be a good idea for participants to see an unmade bed in the background or dishes all over the kitchen. 

If you have to make a run while participating in a webinar, be sure to turn your video off and mute the sound. When you test out Zoom, make sure your lighting is right. 

Here’s some great tips for looking good while on Zoom:



If you should get acquainted with someone, the sparks fly, and you would like to pursue a courtship, follow our courtship procedures.

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